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About Us

Whether you’re looking for a fun venue for a bachelorette party, a couple’s party, a kid’s birthday party or a team-building event, or just want to hang out with a few of your friends and have a fun night out, Art at the Bodega will provide fun for all! You bring your own beverages (we have water and soda), and we provide everything else – music, snacks, aprons, wine glasses, paint, supplies and your guide, our talented artists.

Who We Are

Art at the Bodega is where art meets entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a fun venue for a bachelorette party, a couple’s party, a kid’s birthday party, a team-building event, or just want to hang out with a few of your friends and have a fun night out, art at the bodega will provide fun for all!

Where We Come From

Our founder, Trish Yocum came to Washington, IL from California. On a vacation to park city, utah she attended an event at a “paint and sip” studio. A vision was then born and the rest is history. Art at the bodega, paint and sip studio, a neighborhood art studio where art meets entertainment.

Meet the Artists


Kaitlyn Mugg

Kaitlyn grew up in Highland, California. She moved to Washington, IL in 2012, after a year of nursing school she decided that she wanted to pursue her passion in the arts. She graduated Eureka College with her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in 2016. Her interests include portraiture and oil painting. She is also a published artist, she illustrated a children’s book in 2013 entitled “Doctor, Why Does Daddy Snore?”


Jack Clifford

Jack is an artist from Rantoul, IL. He attended Monmouth College, doubled majored in Art and Communication Studies, then continued on to the University of Illinois to obtain his Masters in Art Education. Jack has been a graphic designer, aquatic supervisor, and swim coach before jumping into the classroom setting. He has worked at all levels of education and is an art teacher at Sterling Middle School.


Lindsay Cocquit

Lindsay is an artist who was born and raised in Burlington, IA. She went to Monmouth College and double majored in art and education. She currently teaches art at Peoria Heights High School where she is also the cross country coach and a class sponsor. She has been working with Art at the Bodega since August of 2015. When she’s not teaching art, she’s creating it.


Jessica Klein

Jessica is an artist from Princeville, IL. She was an independent art student in high school and loves to paint with oils. After high school she decided to take her love for painting and combine it with her love for cars. She graduated from Lincoln Technical College with a certiAcation in Auto Body ReAnishing and Collision repair and is pursuing a career in becoming a custom painter. In her free time she practices pin striping and airbrushing along with teaching at the Bodega sharing her love for art with others.

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