Who We Are

Let’s have some fun.

 That is really what our art studio has always been about.

Kaitlyn and I love to have fun and we love Art of every kind and we have create an art studio where folks can come into our studio with their kids, family and friends to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of life, work, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and all the other things that life demands of us.   We have art instruction in Pottery Painting, Wheel Throwing, Canvas Painting, Farmhouse signs and many, many DIY options.  

You enter the studio and immediately the outside world is gone.  There is always hip music playing, there are fun artistic projects everywhere the eye can see, there are snacks and drinks, and there are people laughing, talking, and spending a little time creating.

We make it easy and we have lots of options so there is something for everyone, kids and adults alike.  When you walk in, you can easily paint some pre-fired pottery ready for your colorful touches; take a step-by-step tour of our large assortment of canvas paintings; create a vinyl art project on wood or canvas; hammer out a cool string art project or stick your hands in the “dirt” (clay).  Don’t worry about being afraid of it not turning out the way you want, our team of artists and assistants are always there to walk you thru it.

For those of you who feel you are a beginner and don’t feel you can create something without a lot of help, we got you covered.  You can join in on one of the multitude of art instructed workshops and classes which feature step-by-step projects on canvas, board, ceramics or clay classes and have one of our super talented artists give you the extra help you need.

In addition to our huge walk-in art options and art classes we also have a variety of super fun events going on every month.  From the wizarding world of Harry Potter(y), to Paint your Pet, Potty Mouth, Santa Claus at Christmas and everything in between. 

We also have an amazing studio that is ready for you and your friends or family to create your own art party with whatever YOU want to create, and we will make it special!  Kids birthday parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, gender reveal, team building events, field-trips scouting events, sporting events, there really is no end to what type of party we will help you create.

The world is fast and busy and sometimes negative, and everyone needs to step away from all that.   Art at The Bodega is a happy, fun and inviting reprieve from the outside world.  Walk into our studio and create something amazing today…even if you think it Sucks!

Community Involvement

Art at The Bodega Loves Being a Washington IL Business!

Here are some of the organizations that are near and dear to us.  We often do fundraising events for these organizations and if you have an organization that is interested in partnering with us, please reach out and let us know.

  • We are a member of the Washington Chamber of Commerce
  • We are a member of the East Peoria Chamber of Commerce
  • We partner on a regular basis with District 52 and 50 schools
  • We partner on a regular basis with Washington Weekend Snack Pac
  • We have participated in several events with Foster Pet Outreach
  • We actively participate in the local Easter Seals Organization
  • We participate in events with Cureageous for a Cause
  • We actively participate in fundraising for St. Jude

Art at The Bodega is proud to be a location for the creation of “Believe Mugs” for the non-profit organization Believe Big.  Create a Believe Mug at the Bodega and once fired, it will be packaged with information on the organization and supportive messages, then taken to our local Illinois Cancer Center and given to those battling cancers.

These mugs are $15 each and are tax exempt and no discounts apply.  We encourage you to create a Believe Big mug any time.   You can also hold a Believe Big Mug event for friends, co-workers, scout troops, religious groups, team building events or any groups that want to share their inspiring painting with those struggling with cancel.  If you want to learn more about this great organization, please visit their website www.BelieveBig.org

Meet the Artists

Kaitlyn Mugg

Kaitlyn grew up in Highland, California. She moved to Washington, IL in 2012, after a year of nursing school she decided that she wanted to pursue her passion in the arts. She graduated Eureka College with her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in 2016. Her interests include portraiture and oil painting. She is also a published artist, she illustrated a children’s book in 2013 entitled “Doctor, Why Does Daddy Snore?”

Olivia Bennett

Olivia is an artist and writer from Washington, IL. She graduated from Washington Community High School and is working towards her writing degree at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She is the author of A Cactus In the Valley, and enjoys working in any and all 2-D mediums.

Jack Clifford

Jack is an artist from Rantoul, IL. He attended Monmouth College, doubled majored in Art and Communication Studies, then continued on to the University of Illinois to obtain his Masters in Art Education. Jack has been a graphic designer, aquatic supervisor, and swim coach before jumping into the classroom setting. He has worked at all levels of education and is an art teacher at Washington Community High School.

Nathaniel Sheets

Nathaniel Sheets is an artist from Washington, Il. He graduated from Washington Community High School, and is studying at ICC, but plans to go on to ISU to study social work. He enjoys working in ceramics and experiments with string art. His most prized possession is a $1,000 collection of ceramic cups from famous artists.

Hannah Lange

Hannah Lange is an artist from Wisconsin. She graduated from Morton High School, and is studying cosmetology. She enjoys drawing, and often paints in acrylic. Hannah travels in her spare time, with eleven countries under her belt.

Lindsay Cocquit

Lindsay is an artist who was born and raised in Burlington, IA. She went to Monmouth College and double majored in art and education. She currently teaches art at Peoria Heights High School where she is also the cross country coach and a class sponsor. She has been working with Art at the Bodega since August of 2015. When she’s not teaching art, she’s creating it.