Create a Beautiful Wood Sign Project totally personalized for your taste.

We have lots of options in the size and shape of boards and style of stencils. The sky is the limit on what you can create.

  • Choose from solid wood, multi-plank, or laser cut shaped bases. Our wood signs are made by a local woodmaster.
  • Create designs in ANY color palette- you choose base coat and design colors from our large selection of Country Chic mineral paints!
  • Use one of our pre-cut stencil designs -or-
  • Create your own template that you can trace onto the board, then paint.
  • Be aware:  Stencils are pre-cut designs that may or may not be in stock when you visit.  They cannot be altered (size or design).  If you want to be sure a specific stencil design is in stock for your visit (click to email us) to pre-order your stencil.  Pre-ordered stencils take 3 business days to create.


What type of paints do we use?

We use some of the finest mineral paints available for an amazing result.  Country Chic.  We are the only distributor of these paints in the tri-County area.

Is this an instructed class or can I do it on my own?

We have classes that you can register for on our calendar, or you can come in and create a board art piece on your own during our open hours.  We have step by step instructions available in the studio for you to reference and of course our staff is always ready to assist you. 

Can we take our project home the same day?

Yes,  mineral paints dry quickly and you will be able to take your project home the same day.

How do we choose which stencil to do?

We have over 150 different stencils to choose from.  However, they are not all cut and ready for use.  If you see something in our catalog that you want, then please email us and we will make sure it is ready for your visit.

Click here to download our catalog!